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“I was about to take over the world, but then I saw something shiny.”
― Anonymous

We just bought a Samsung Smart TV. Wow- we were so excited. A Smart Television in our home-to simplify our Boomer lives.  We had it installed and it was working perfectly until the next morning. So we thought.

I immediately made an appointment for Direct TV to come and change out the DVR. I had spoken to various techs on the phone and they concluded that my problem was a bad DVR.  Since I was due for an upgrade I had them install a genie. The tech installed the genie said everything was working perfectly.

With the new genie we could record 5 shows at once. During the install I asked a billion questions. So it seemed by the techs expression. I wanted to be sure everything was working properly.

Our visions of streaming was going to be a breeze. Well truth be told, it wasn’t. It turned out to be Smart nightmare. When  Direct TV installed the genie it knocked out my laptop. I could not write, work or pay bills online. It was hard since I had become accustom to doing everything on my laptop.

I did not notice that my laptop was not connecting to the internet until the next morning. Guess it was all the excitement of the beautiful new shiny Samsung Smart TV.  I was unable to access anything. So I called Direct TV and they could not figure it out. I called Time Warner my ISP and they could not figure it out either. After about 4 attempts TW said it was a bad router. A tech was scheduled to change out the router.

But how could that be, we were able to stream. You need the internet to stream. So the bad router was not the correction I needed to get my laptop back online.

Apple Care tried to help me and no one could figure it our either. We went over all the possibilities and not even the Specialist that called me after I reached out to Apple Care about 4 times could figure it out.

Through my persistence and research I found that the IP address was incorrect on the Smart TV. All along the Mac popup  said that the Mac address  was being used by another device. I told everyone and it did not seem to matter. Well that device mentioned was the greedy Smart TV. All along the Mac was disclosing the problem but none of these so called experts in their fields seem to listen.

Well I thought about it all day and decided to disconnect the Direct TV repeater and see what would happen. My conclusion was right. We can no longer stream but my laptop is functioning properly. I programed the Smart TV and all is well in “Vargas Land “.

I will make an appointment to have Direct TV come out and program the TV correctly so we can stream and watch Netflix.  It’s bazaar to me that all these people who get paid to figure out these problems  could not come up with the correct solution.

I am happy that I am intelligent enough to still figure out technical things at my age. I became the Time Warner tech, Direct TV tech, and the Applecare Tech with my Smart TV dilemma.

Thank God that by nature I am a troubleshooter.The Definition of TROUBLESHOOTER. 1. : a skilled worker employed to locate trouble and make repairs in machinery and technical equipment.

Well I think all three of those companies whom I employ should pay me for my troubleshooting and finding the correct solution.  I employ them to have the correct answers and they all failed.

Until next time,

Techie Tish

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