Black Friday Shopping

I love Black Friday shopping. We planned an early Thanksgiving Dinner so we could leave by 4p.m. to be in line at 6p.m., when the doors open for our pre Christmas shopping experience. This is a day my daughter and I look forward to spending together every year. We plan in advance what we are going to buy and for whom.

With list in hand we go down each aisle in search for the perfect gift for everyone on our list.  The deals are incredible.

We are done with presents wrapped the first week of December. The tree will arrive and delicately trimmed by the second week. All we have to do is place the gifts under the tree and all is done until December 24th.

This year Christmas Eve is at our house. We will be serving green chili chicken (no cheese), green chili  chicken with  cheese, beef chili colorado and pineapple tamales, fresh homemade pinto beans,  Spanish rice and fresh salsa with chips and guacamole.

Our dessert table is always a sight to see and indulge. Dipped fresh strawberries, candied apples, brownies, pies of different varieties,  and so much more.

We will play games, eat and be merry. This year our theme is pajama party. Comfy is the theme of the night.

Our fireplace will  keep us all so cozy. Why, we might even roast some chestnuts on an open fire.

I will decorate the house to the nines. This is not only the best month of the year-it is also my birthday. We will celebrate and have a great time. All night long!

Merry Christmas  to all!!!


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