I Waged A War on Slime

This week I waged a war on body slime-also known as mucus. Yes that’s right it is my personal enemy at this particular time in my life. So I won’t gross out, I will refer to the mucus as body slime in my post.

I wake up choking unable to breathe with the slime. If it’s not a wet cough- it’s a dry cough. Both contributors to the slime production. The dry cough is the worst especially when you have asthma. It absolutely takes my breath away and not in a good way.

I caught a cold early April this year.  Being the semi-naturalist that I am-I tried to cure it myself with natural home remedies. Honey and lemon were part of my regime. But it proved to be insufficient against this pesky opponent. So I went to the doctor and he prescribed a high dosage of amoxicillan. I took the drug faithfully. It cleared up my infection but I still suffered with the disgusting slime. So that’s when I came to the conclusion that it was what I was eating that continued this horrible path. I needed to change the path I was on. They say knowledge is power and I believe it to my very core.

I turned to Google. That’s right, America’s friend in all facets of life. I researched the cause, remedies, symptoms, and food choices.

My favorite color is green. Its the color of life. I could not have mucus claim that title. Fortunately my mucus was clear but very sticky. I felt like it was sitting on my uvula.

“Peace on earth and mercy mild,” sang Miss Mapp, holding her head back with her uvula clearly visible”.   Miss Mapp Edward Frederic Benson

As you can see, having  a clear uvula is very important.

Clearing one’s throat every few minutes can be quite annoying, not to mention unhealthy. It is not a normal body function to say the least.

Always clearing your throat? You could be doing more harm than good, warn experts

  • Throat clearing may harm the throat and vocal chords
  • It is a vicious cycle – the more someone clears their throat, the more they feel they need to clear it

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2286658/Always-clearing-throat-You-doing-harm-good-experts-warn.html#ixzz47L3RGtUS
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In my research I found I had to battle the body slime with the correct foods.  This problem was not only enviromental it was anatomical.

You’ve heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Well I found I was eating all the wrong things and too many times a week, month and year.

This was difficult for me to accept. Most of the foods I  consume and love were on the slime list.

Imagine a life with no more dairy products, dead animal products (burgers and steaks), grains, starches (potatoes)  and fats. What I miss most is ice cream and overly buttered baked potatoes.

I drink about 8 glasses of water daily. PH balanced is my number one choice. But when I ran out of the filtration  vessel I opted for spring water. So I did research on water. I found that for me in particular I needed a water change. So I researched distilled water. In conclusion to my water dilemma I opted to try Smart Water. This is my second day and I feel like it is helping with the task at hand.

www.coca-colacompany.com › Brands The Coca‑Cola Company

The Coca-Cola Company brings you glacéau smartwater, vapor distilled water with electrolytes. Who knew?

I have a new eating plan to combat this fierce enemy. I am logging what works for me and what does not. It’s hit or miss until I see what works best in the battle against the body slime.

I have found that it is best for me to eat at least 6 times a day. Your three main meals and 3 snacks in between. It is important to note that you eat your three meals everyday. My motto is;  “Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and eat indefinitely”.

Everyday for the past year I  have consumed a banana smoothie with organic protein and an avocado daily. Wrong for me. The banana and avocado are moderate slime producers.  Another culprit was butter. I love butter-lots of butter. Especially on my potatoes and sweet potatoes. Well the butter was bad for me and so was the potato. I use to prepare my sweet potatoes with lots of butter and brown sugar. I changed this now to sweet potato drizzled with honey.

I am going to try to eat meat once a month. You say “Where are you going to get your protein Tish”? The answer is from my fruits and vegetables. Gorillas are not meat eaters and look at their muscle mass.

Fruits act as an aggressive dissolver of mucus and the vegetables trap the mucus in the intestines which in turn helps the body eliminate the dissolved waste. So if you have the occasional hamburger and fries waste dissolvers are in place to save the day.

Remember life was meant to be savored in moderation.

Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Oscar Wilde

Here I am day three and almost body slime free. It is such a great feeling being able to breathe more clearly-without any obstructions. I am going to continue to log my food diary and let you know how I am improving.

This is going to be a way of life. I want to prolong my life as long as I can. I know it will take a healthy lifestyle to achieve this goal.

“About eighty percent of the food on shelves of supermarkets today didn’t exist 100 years ago.”
― Larry McCleary

Thank you Google for helping with this article. The youth of today wonders how we  boomers ever survived without Google. My answer to them is books. Lots of books.

Until we meet again,

Tish (aka Slime Fighter)

This week I waged a war on body slime-also known as mucus. Yes that’s right it is my personal enemy at this particular time in my life. So I won’t […]

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